Worldwide Gala Awards

Yippee…happy dancing…today I received an email from the organisers of the Gala Award (formerly the Worldwide Photography Gala Awards –  York, UK) letting me know that I have been selected as a finalist for two of my twins images and have been invited to exhibit these images in the 4th Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography, which will be held in Spring 2016 in Berlin, Germany.

The Charles Dodgson Black & White Award

Details: 419 photographers entries, 1,804 submitted images and 29 participating countries 47 Finalists

Helga_Dalla_A World of Twins_Twin Attitude watermarked

Title:  Twin Attitude

Twins Joseph & Lillian, 4 years, Holland Park, QLD Australia

Click here to view all finalists for The Charles Dodgson Black & White Award

The Primary Colors Photography Competition

Details: 512 photographers entries, 1,968 submitted images and 34 participating countries 37 Finalists 

Helga_Dalla_Twins_Autumn Leaves watermark

Title:  Autumn Leaves

Identical twins Jenna & Stephanie, Canberra, Australia

Click here to view all finalists for The Primary Color Photography Award


  1. Congratulations, Helga! I’m delighted for you, and not surprised. Keep sharing your images and entering competitions – your work is stunning. Alison xx

    • Thanks Alison for your kind words, friendship and support, Helga x

  2. Wow yippee Congrats you beautiful talented lady. Your dedication and hard work have paid off. Much love Prahnee

    • Thanks Prahnee, hopefully we can get your beautiful twins into a competition


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