Yeah We’re Published

We are officially published – another volume in the ‘A World of Twins’ book series is born!

37 families have become a valuable part of Australian History preserved forever in the National Library of Australia

Today I was just as excited picking up volume IV from John and Paula at Middleton’s Printing as I was when the first one was published back in March 2011.

‘A World of Twins’ is a photographic study that explores the special world of twins.  This volume includes 37 families: 38 sets of fraternal and identical twins and one family with triplets, aged from 8 days old to 29 years, with two families having not one, but two sets of twins.



Thanks to everyone for all the enthusiasm and encouragement during the production of Volume IV.

A special ‘heart felt’ thank you to all the beautiful twins, triplets and their families for opening your hearts and for inviting me into your homes and lives. My life has been truly enriched by each and every one of you. Without you this book would not be possible.

Jessica, Rhianon, Liam and Thomas, Zachery and Xavier, Jai and Nate, Angus and Stirling, Gracie and Blake, Skyelah with Brooke, Alexandra and Isabel, Andy and Riley, Alexia and Jonathan with Denisse, Ayva and Zachary, Kylan and Ryley, Zuri and Sari, Jade and Peta, Kenzie and Keoni with Sharna, Jenna and Stephanie, Kerrie and Linsey, Gareth and Rhys with Keiran and Heather, Fraser and Emma, Annabelle, Sophie and Matilda with Poppyand Waggie (dog), William and Ripley with Julian, Aria and Kalani, Anthony, Brooklyn, Jordan and Grace, Declan and Charlotte, Adelaide and Aedan, Aiden and Cohen with Kirsty. Finn and Liam, Lennox and Reed with Jude, Natasha and Barry, Blake and Brock, Alexis and Tara, Lilly and Lola with Ruby, Olivia with Andrew and Lauren, Joseph and Evelyn with James and Richelle, Ashton and Piper, Max and Manu with Mackenzie, Mason and Lleyton, Nicholas and Lillyanna, Rhys and Matthew with Kate, Alexander and Hunter.

Colin Beard, friend, mentor and true master of photography, thank you for being the catalyst that encouraged me to follow my dreams to create ‘A World of Twins’ book series. Thanks for your continued support and for helping me with the hardest task, selecting the final images for the book and producing the foreword for another volume in the series.

Thanks to the Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA), and their wonderful committee for their ongoing support and for promoting my work through the Association. It is an honour to be connected with such an amazing Association.

Professor John Hopper, Director and Lynette Walker, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Australian Twin Registry (ATR) and their amazing team for their continued support and help with endorsing my work. It is a privilege to be a part of such a wonderful organisation that helps us to understand the genetic and environmental factors in health and disease. Special thanks to two of ATR’s long-term twin members, Silvana Kelly and Daniela Ahimastos for sharing their ATR story, see pages 157 & 158.

My dear friend, Heidi Cooper, professional glamour portrait and dance photographer for my profile image, I love your work. www.

Thanks to my book team for deciphering my copious notes and instructions. Design by Taya Wood; editing and proofreading by Richelle Fowler; what a team. You nailed it!

Compassion Australia for providing an avenue for me to connect twins and their families from Australia with sponsored twins living in extreme poverty in developing countries.

Our eight sponsored children: Israel and Sephora, Obeida and Bouchida, Awa and Nafissatou and Ousseni and Sanata from Burkina Fasco, North West Africa. Thank you for opening my eyes to the simplicity of life and giving me the privilege to be able to help.

Special thank you to my family, friends and my beautiful daughter Kaleah for believing in me and encouraging me to follow my dreams.

To my biggest super star, the one who gives me the occasional boot up the butt when I need it, my gorgeous husband Greg! Thank you, for your unconditional love and support, you are my rock! You always keep me motivated when I need it the most.

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OR why not join our international twins online community and share your story.  Meet other families with twins for friendship and to exchange stories, advice and support.  By doing so you’ll be helping twins in need.

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