She brought a smile to my face

I spent all of today AND yesterday typing away on my new book.  Mid morning I was interrupted by my twins birthday alert.  Phew that was a relief, a great excuse to give myself a much needed break.

Today’s birthday celebrations were for Annabella and Sebastian from Brassall near Ipswich in Queensland.  They celebrated their double 7th birthday today. So I went down memory lane and searched for one of my favourite photos from their photo session.  I can’t believe it’s been two and a half years since I first met parents Michelle and David and their beautiful family…REALLY…where does the time go?

I went about doing what I love, that’s adding a little something special to someones life, just because I can.  I sent the family a personalised email sending my best wishes for today for Sebastian and Annabella on their special 7th birthday and attached one of my favourite photos.

Just moments ago I received a beautiful email from Michelle that brought a smile to my face, tears to my eyes and lit up day.  It’s little moments like these that make what I do so meaningful.  To be able to touch a family or persons life in a way that makes them smile and remember their special family is the most precious gift one could possibly ask for…I’m so lucky I get to do that through my work as a twinographer.

“Thank you so much for your birthday wishes!   My two still remember you fondly and are very proud of their book.   I am thinking we will definitely do Volume 4. ” Much love, Michelle.

It is meeting and connecting with people like Michelle and her family that make my life so enriched and meaningful!

© Helga Dalla A World of Twins

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