Preface – A World of Twins

A World of Twins, Stories and images of Australian twins, triplets and their families


I’m Helga Dalla, and I live with my family on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

With a background in property development and executive government roles, I somehow needed to fulfill my passion for photography. I embarked upon a journey that over the last six years has led me down the path of twin photojournalism – capturing special moments in time while focusing on the uniqueness of twins. I’ve spent this time experiencing laughs, tears and smiles, securing memories and capturing the special connections among twins and triplets and their families across Australia.

I’ve always been intrigued by the differences between fraternal and identical twins. In my own life, I find my husband’s 29-year-old twins, Luke and Lauren, are very different. But when I photograph some pairs of identical twins, they are so alike it’s not funny. I’m always curious about the differences and similarities between twins, as well as about the way life is for these twins and their families. Just as twins fascinate me, they’ve been the subject of mystery and myth for many others too. Even twins themselves are curious about other twins and their families.

A World of Twins uncovers the mystery of life as twins or triplets and their parents, providing practical advice and entertaining stories that are authentic. It will satisfy your curiosity, offer answers to common questions about twins and triplets, and allow you to enjoy their humorous, inspirational and touching experiences.

Remember the last time you spotted twins? Did you wonder what it must be like to have twins in the family, or to be a twin or a sibling of twins? If you did, you’re not alone. For most people, the topic of twins is a fascinating one. And that’s as true for families with twins as it is for families without them.


I’m an award-winning photojournalist, and author of the photographic book series, A World of Twins. I’ve had the privilege of travelling extensively to spend time in the homes of hundreds of twins and triplets throughout Australia. This has enabled me to offer a uniquely sensitive and compassionate perspective on the lives of Australian twin families. As a result, A World of Twins constitutes an important social document, providing a remarkable photographic and narrative record of the families involved as well as practical advice on raising twins or triplets.

As a photojournalist, I have the ability to touch the world one relationship at a time. My photography goes beyond recording the surface appearance of those I photograph; I also invite them to express their innermost selves. Recording emotions, feelings, memories, laughs, tears, smiles and special connections through my lens – this is my life’s humble work.

These beautiful twins, triplets and their families have inspired me to write this book, and I’m honoured to share their journeys with you.

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Helga Dalla © A World of Twins

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