My Story Book is Published!!!

Yipee, happy dance…finally I get to see my book in printed copy, what an incredible journey it has been.  A World of Twins, Stories and images of Australian twins, triplets and their families.  You can visit my book store here  read Preface

I still remember the day I posted on Facebook and broadcasted to the universe that I was about to embark on my 30 day 1,000 words a day challenge.  This made it real and kept me accountable.

Helga's word challenge

YES…that’s 30,000 words in 30 days.  I did it, in fact I hit 55,000 words with the help of 20 wonderful families. It has taken me 12 months, 2 months preparing, researching, mind mapping and testing and 10 months writing, editing, proofing, designing and printing.

Massive thank you to everyone involved for all your enthusiasm and encouragement during the production of this book.

I would like to start by acknowledging and sincerely thanking the twins, triplets and families I’ve worked with. You’ve opened your hearts, shared your personal journeys and invited me into your homes and lives. Without you, this book would not have been possible.

Andrew Griffiths  a bestselling author, entrepreneur and global presenter.  He’s know for his recipe for awesomeness when it comes to helping and mentoring businesses to be extraordinarily successful.

Alex Mitchell a guide on your writing journey, always there to unravel ideas, answer questions, provide options and move you quickly and efficiently to the day when you hold your book in your hands.

I offer special thanks to the Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA) and the Australian Twin Registry (ATR) for their continued support and help promoting my work and its cause of releasing twins from poverty.

Many thanks to my book team for deciphering my copious notes and instructions. Cover design is by Taya Wood –; editing by Alison J. Green –; proofreading by Marion Gevers; and internal book design by Karen Podsiadly, What a team. You nailed it!

I thank Compassion Australia for enabling me to connect twins and their families in Australia with sponsored twins living in extreme poverty in developing countries.

Thank you to the twins I sponsor: Israel and Sephora, Obeida and Bouchida, Awa and Nafissatou, and Sanata and Ousseni, from Burkina Faso, North West Africa. I’m so grateful that you’ve opened my eyes to the beauty of a simple life and allowed me the privilege of helping you.

Thank you to my wonderful family and friends for believing in me and being patient during my absence. Thank you especially to my amazing husband, Greg, for your love and support. You are my rock.


 Helga Dalla

Preparations are well underway for the launch of the book at the Twins Plus Festival in Melbourne on Sunday 22 March 2015.  If you visiting the festival please drop by and say g’day and at 11:30am meet some of the wonderful families featured in the book, including Noah and Bailey the beautiful brothers who feature on the cover.

Exciting times ahead…


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