Day 12 – 366 Day Project

Day 12 – 366 Day Project

“Magic is everywhere, explore & be amazed everyday!” 

PIGEON PAIR MOBILITY SCHOOTERS: Totally AMAZING…now I’ve seen everything!

On my walk this afternoon I just had to stop and take this shot. It’s not everyday one comes across two empty mobility scooters parked neatly on the grass area behind the footpath over looking the ocean.

They looked so out of place…kinda cute really. Whoever the owners were took great pride in way they were strategically parked. They were certainly a pigeon pair, so shinny and new.

I wonder if they belonged to an elderly couple or someone with a disability? Perhaps they were someone’s Christmas present?  Definitely someone’s pride and joy, perhaps a replacement for their vehicle?

They were decked out exactly the same. Each scooter was fitted a rear baggage compartment behind the seat, a sunshade, and three flags, one red triangle, one Australian flag and a QLD one. As for the owners, they were nowhere to be seen. Well I couldn’t identify them among all the people out enjoying the weather.

Or perhaps the grandchildren had taken them on a joy ride to the beach and parked them neatly knowing how important they are to stay safe and in one piece.

I’m sure that when you look at the image you come up with your own interpretation and inquisitive questions too…I hope you get as much enjoyment from wondering as I did.

I didn’t hang around to find out all the answers to my questions. I like it that way.

A life without curiosity is quite simply a boring life. It’s the power of the curious mind that has made humans as advanced and as imaginative as we find ourselves today.

The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. Dorothy Parker

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