2015 FIPP

2015 FIPP

Woo Hoo made it into the short list of finals at the 2015 Fremantle Portrait Prize The official Short List (comprising 109 images) for the 2015 Fremantle International Portrait Prize (FiPP). Finalists images were professionally printed, mounted and hung in the 2015 FiPP Showcase public exhibition which commenced for public viewing on 25 October.


My Finalist Image: portrait of my dear friend Alison & her faithful bestie fur friend Gypsy.


The Winner(s) of the 2015 FiPP were announced on the evening of 24 October 2015 in Fremantle.  Although I didn’t win, and it’s not all about winning, it’s about having your work seen by the best of the best in the photography industry and seeing where your works sits.  So I’m simply chuffed to be exhibiting my work among such inspirational world wide photographers.  Special thank you to my niece Sarah & partner Kane for checking in on my behalf at the opening ceremony in Fremantle, WA.

Below:  Sarah Dalla at the FiPP Opening Ceremony 



WINNER IS:  Steve Wise’s confronting study of childhood burns victim ‘Robbie’ (shown below)

was chosen over 1,864 other entries 


“Robbie was playing with matches in his bedroom when he was four years old,”

Mr Wise explained about his winning image.

Things went wrong and he received burns to 95 per cent of his body. He was in a coma for nine weeks and in hospital for two and a half years. He’s just turned 28. His story is one of pain, struggle, continuing rehabilitation, courage and strength. He’s just like you and me; he enjoys a beer and a cigarette; a chat and a laugh. He has dark times and good times. He has plans to help talk to kids about fire safety and other burns patients about his story and recovery. He’s pretty good at keeping me grounded too.”

Click here to view the winners 

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