Playbreak Challenge Week 1


Life can be SO, SO, SO busy for most of us that we need to make sure that we have a play break now and again.  Mostly, as photographers we just love to PLAY and this is another excuse to do so. Plus, PLAY is the best way to get those creativity juices flowing. So I’ve decided to join the Beloved Collective’s ‘Play Break’ challenge:

START DATE: Saturday, July 18th, 2015. And GO!

Week 1: Jesh has been known to say that there is a whole world within a 10 foot radius of where you are standing: so your challenge is to stand in one spot and make 24 unique photographs while standing in the same place. You cannot move your feet! What can you find that is beloved about the images you took? and why? what is beloved right where you are?

I was pressed for time so chose a spot in my backyard on the concrete outdoor area. Among my 24 images were potted orange and lemon trees with beautiful scented flowers and fruit almost ready to pick.   Leaning forward closer I could watch the bugs going about their business on the leaves.  Our veggie patch with snow peas, rocket, kale and mesculin mix.  Overhead the cloudy sky, the house exterior wall with its textures and not to mention Kodie my four legged fur friend.

What ‘really’ interested me was when I looked down…the aged, weathered and cracked concrete and the plants that manage to self seed and grow in such a confined space with very little substance to spread their roots and grow. The desire to live, spread their growth under extreme conditions is amazing. L.F.Young’s quote below sums it up.

“When life is not coming up roses Look to the weeds and find the beauty hidden within them.”  ― L.F.Young

150720 - Playbreak Beloved Week1-1


  1. So inspirational, Helga! and so very true. The strength, the tenacity, the resilience is simply inspiring, weeds in their own beautiful playful world 🙂

    • Thanks Theresa – enjoying the beloved collective #playbreak challenge

  2. Love the story you share, Helga. Impressed by this wonderful quote: “The desire to live, spread their growth under extreme conditions is amazing”.



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